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Organic Rose Tea

Organic Rose Tea

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Organic Rose Tea sourced from USDA Organic suppliers.

Loose Leaf- This blend is good for about 3 normal tea cups and it is loose leaf. you can refill your cup up to 2 times with the same potency of tea in flavor. PRO TIP: Use a thermos with a tea strainer they stretch further.

Tea Bags - This bag is more convenient for those who are used to normal tea. Prepackaged tea bags make it easy to just pour hot water and enjoy. Pro Tip: Use a local honey to level up the flavor.

Instructions are on the package for your convenience


Detailed Product information is coming soon. All of our ingredients are listed on the packaging for the time being. Please email us at if you have questions on ingredient listings. Thank you for your patience in advance for this.

Care information

To maintain the best care for your eko jar:

1.) Please do not store
in the bathroom, your car, or anywhere moisture and heat occur. Our product is vegan and Organic and will grow bacteria in these environments.

2.) Please always use clean gloves or tongue depressors. If you have to, make sure your hands are washed with dial gold and dried completely before using them to administer product.EKO can be easily cross contaminated if not followed properly.

3.) Due to the organic nature of this product please replace the product after 6 months.


Here are our aftercare instructions on how to use the product. We also have a seperate page for this on the home page.

Aftercare Instructions


Practice routinely 2-3 times per day for the first 2 weeks. 

1). Wash your hands.

2). Wash your tattoo with Dial Gold antibacterial liquid soap.

Use your palm, firmly lather the soap on your tattoo.Cup water in your palms to rinse off the soap.

3). Let your tattoo air dry, then apply ointment.

Take a small amount of ointment from the ointment jar using a NEW tongue depressor stick or glove. Avoid cross-contaminating the ointment by only using sterile objects, or clean hands (if you don't have the other options).



Tattoos take 6 weeks to fully heal.

Weeks 1 - 2

Your tattoo (damaged skin) will peel as your skin underneath repairs itself. This new layer will look shiny and sometimes raised until it's fully healed. This stage is itchy, but scratching your tattoo at all will damage the tattoo, expose it to bacteria, and prolong your overall healing process. 

This is the most critical time to follow the cleaning routine above. 


If you start to experience any combination of excess redness, fever, odd scent, or pain more than just discomfort on or around your tattoo, contact your health care provider immediately. These are signs of possible infection.


Weeks 2 - 6

Your tattoo is still healing this time. Stay out of oceans, lakes, rivers, etc. until after 6 weeks. 



X Go to the beach

X Go swimming

X Ice your tattoo

X Itch or scratch your tattoo

X Use cotton swabs or anything with fibers

X Expose your tattoo to:

The sunAnimal hair or salivaAirborne pollutants (dirt, sand, chemicals)Other people's touchCross-contaminated soap, ointment, etc.


This product is intended to moisturize your skin during the healing stages of your tattoo, and should not be used in place of cleaning your tattoo. No material on this site is intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health care provider if you suspect you have an infection, severe allergic reaction, or other medical reaction after receiving a tattoo.

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